VPNs have been a handy tool for people who want to protect their identity as well as their data while surfing on the internet. VPNs help the user tunnel through the internet server encrypting all incoming and outgoing data and helping the user mask his or her identity and location from potential data snoopers or identity trackers.

Why Online Gamers Need VPN?

Gamers have not been huge fans of VPNs in the past. Online Gamers need high-speed internet connections while they are playing online, for the smallest lag in their connection can lead to a fatality in their game. Now, internet speed can be reduced when the user’s internet connection has to reach the destination via a long route i.e. one with many hops, which might even contain some faulty nodes. VPNs don’t usually help the case here, because in order to provide the user a different server, they take him to his desired destination through an alternate path, which is usually longer than the usual one. So the connection speed is reduced further, aggravating the agony of gamers.

However, in recent years, many hard-core gamers have taken a liking towards VPNs. This is because some newer VPNs have their own private servers, which tackles the problem of a longer path to a great extent. Some game versions and their services are limited to certain regions, so using a VPN solves the problem of accessibility as you can change your location to the place of availability of the game you want. Another thing that makes VPN usage a good fit for online gamers is to prevent themselves to be thwarted by an opponent’s DDOS attack. DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service) is an attack that denies the victim a response from the server, leading to dropping of the internet connection. A loss of internet connection in the middle of an online game is the worst thing that can happen to a professional gamer.

Which VPN to choose?

With all the benefits of VPNs for online gaming, here is a look at the 10 best VPNs you can choose for the purpose:

Rank VPN Price OS Score
$11.52/mo 81%
$12.95/mo 79%
$10/mo 79%
$6.95/mo 90%
$9.96/mo 69%
$11.67/mo 95%
$3.99/mo 74%
$9.95/mo 64%
$4.84/mo 80%


VPNs are not as regressive for online gaming as they were touted to be in the past. In fact, they are now seen as a must by many professional gaming agencies and teams as they look to decrease the possibility of lags while their gamers are indulged in gaming as well as preventing themselves from the attack of the opponents. Speed and protection are essential for online gaming, and these VPNs offer both of them comprehensively.

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