Since its inception in 1922, BBC has grown by leaps and bounds, becoming the largest broadcaster of the world. It is known for its magnificent and well-directed documentaries and shows. Its broadcasting network covers the entire world. With the setting up of BBC iPlayer, the online catch-up service of the channel, people have the benefit of watching their favourite shows and sports events whenever they want on the internet in high quality and without any advertisements.

The service, however, is limited to UK nationals. Since the content hosted in BBC iPlayer is so popular, everyone wants a piece of it. The only way for non-UK nationals to do that is to use a VPN.

Why Need A VPN to Unblock BBC iPlayer?

VPNs prevent any website or agency from identifying your true IP address and tracking your geographical location. Access is denied by websites like BBC iPlayer to people who are outside the geographical area of the content’s availability by finding their location using their IP address.

VPNs connect you to the internet through their own servers, so a tracking agent would instead take the address of the VPN as your IP address. A good VPN has servers in many countries, so all you need to do is choose a VPN provider with servers in the UK and use it to unblock BBC iPlayer anywhere.

Which VPN is Best to Unblock BBC iPlayer?

We have judged the VPN providers for this list based on their global existence in UK, ability to overcome geo-restrictions, speed and performance of their VPN client. This is the comprehensive list of 10 Best VPNs to unblock BBC iPlayer from anywhere outside UK.

Rank VPN Price OS Score
$6.95/mo 90%
$11.52/mo 81%
$10/mo 68%
$9.96/mo 69%
$16.95/mo 67%
$9.95/mo 64%
$10/mo 79%
$9.98/mo 76%
$0/mo 58%
$11.67/mo 95%


These VPNs are some of the best VPN providers for BBC iPlayer. You can try out other VPN too if you like, but this is an exhaustive list of the 10 best VPNs for BBC iPlayer.

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