Hackers are quite notorious in their jobs and even more so persistent in finding a way into your system by uncovering your identity. There is thus a crying need for services that help users protect their identity from hackers and attackers. This need is fulfilled by VPNs.

Why Speed Matters for a VPN?

VPNs connect you to your destination via an encrypted channel or tunnel which encrypts all incoming and outgoing data. By encrypting traffic, it protects your data from attackers. It also offers the feature of letting you choose a server of your from any country of the world where the VPN has its servers. This means that you can make it appear so that you are accessing the internet from anywhere you want while hiding your true identity. These features make VPNs the need of the hour.

However, there is the taxing job of choosing the right kind of VPN. The biggest concern is the speed of the VPN you choose. Since VPNs connect you to your destination via an alternate path with more hops, the connection speed is reduced. The reduction in speed depends on your VPN providers, which makes it imperative to choose one that offers great connectivity speeds. Since nobody likes their browsing speed being slashed significantly when they use VPNs, people want fastest VPNs.

List of 10 Fastest VPNs

We have judged the VPN providers based on their speed, VPN client performance and protocol support to compile this list. Check out the top 10 winners for the list of fastest VPNs.

Rank VPN Price OS Score
$11.67/mo 95%
$6.95/mo 90%
$10/mo 79%
$11.52/mo 81%
$4.84/mo 80%
$10/mo 68%
$7.9/mo 67%
$7.57/mo 65%
$4.16/mo 58%


Fast VPNs not only offer you the security and privacy cushions that all VPNs do, but they do so without reducing your browsing speeds, which is an added advantage. These VPNs are established specifically by keeping in mind the customers’ needs, making them better than the other VPNs.

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