About Us

At bestvpnreview.net, we aim to provide completely fair analysis of VPN services. We have a standard rating criteria to test and rate VPN providers based on their features and our first concern is to present detailed analysis of VPN services for the benefit of our users.

Who We Are?

At bestvpnreview.net, we have a team of online security and freedom enthusiasts, who have been working for the betterment of cyber world. We know the VPN market very well, and have the technical capability to judge the performance of every single feature that VPN providers are offering nowadays.

What We Do?

At bestvpnreview.net, we rate a VPN provider based on the following Criteria:

VPN Providers Portfolio:

  • Jurisdiction of the VPN Provider – Very important to know if they are located in the country with highly restricted internet laws imposed by the government like USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia and Netherlands. If yes, do they have ‘Warrant Canary’? Are they obliged to store users’ data? Are they obliged to keep user logs and handed over to government authorities if asked?
  • Global Reach and Percentage of Virtual Servers – How many countries they have VPN servers in? What percent of the total numbers of servers are Virtual servers? If you know, 1 dedicated VPN server is better the 10 virtual VPN servers.
  • Basic Offerings – Multi Logins, Free VPN, Trial Account and the minimum cost.
  • China Friendly – It is very important to know if the VPN service works in China.

Security Features:

A Major portion of our rating criteria is dedicated to ‘Security Features’ like:

  • IPv6 Protection
  • DNS Leak
  • IP Leak
  • DDoS Protection
  • Kill Switch Feature
  • Split Tunneling Feature
  • Malware Protection
  • Dedicated Streaming
  • IP Binding
  • Port Forwarding (Is it dynamic port forwarding or dedicated port forwarding)

The rest of our rating criteria consists of:

  • Additional Features (SmartDNS, Free VPN, Trial VPN or P2P Support)
  • Log Policy
  • Pricing Plan (How many plans they have, How many anonymous payment methods they offer etc)
  • Compatibility (OS Compatibility, Devices Compatibility and Protocols Support)
  • VPN Apps (Apps availability and performance)
  • Customer Support (Live Chat, Remote Desktop Support, Ticket System or 24/7)
  • peed (Streaming and Downloading)

We rate VPN providers individually for every feature they offer and then rate them on their overall performance. You can check the overall rating of the VPN reviews for each VPN provider and you can also compare VPN providers for different features via comparison tool.

*Important Note for VPN Providers: We tried our best to get most accurate information from VPN providers’ websites. If there’s any correction or update required, please visit our ‘Contact Us‘ page and write to us, we will do the needful ASAP!

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