VPNs are a great way to surf on the internet anonymously. They connect you to the internet through a different route from the one your Internet Service Provider would have taken you through. They allow users to choose a server from any country they want to connect to the internet. Connecting users to the internet through an encrypted tunnel ensures that the true identity and geographical location of users remains hidden from potential threats and trackers. Users can browse the internet without worrying about their identities being exposed or their locations being discovered together with being sure that their data is secure while they browse the internet.

10 Best Free VPNs

Although these services are great, there is a small hiccup that people experience while using them. It is the fact that these services come at a price. People are satisfied with the features of VPNs, but still think twice before paying for the services. For such people, free VPNs are a great feature. Although we would not recommend free VPNs for anyone because they come with many limitations on the number of servers and impose heavy speed caps on people, we have prepared a list of free VPNs that have as little restrictions as possible.

Rank VPN Price OS Score
$11.52/mo 81%
$11.67/mo 95%
$7.57/mo 65%
$10.99/mo 75%
$4.84/mo 80%
$3.99/mo 50%
$4.16/mo 58%
$9.98/mo 76%
$0/mo 58%
$6.99/mo 58%


One should always be wary of using free VPNs. There are free VPN services that steal and sell the data of users to generate money for operating their service. Free VPNs also bother users with many advertisements and pop-ups, which are always irritating. Albeit, if you absolutely do not want to spend a penny on VPNs, the list above is a guide to choosing one of the VPNs that are free and safe.  

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