No online revolution comes until there are new problems related to privacy and security. With the ever-increasing threats on the web it has become impossible to be aware of all the existing threats that lurk around in the cyber space. Unfortunately, the cyber criminals aren’t the only ones we must stay alert against but there are some industry giants such as Facebook, Google and GCHQ that track user movements online. Don’t forget about the NSA as well! So what should a smartphone user do in this alarming scenario? Make use of a VPN.

Why a VPN for Smartphones?

You might be thinking why you should get a VPN for your smartphone when there are countless security applications available to install such as anti-virus, anti-malware and so on. The answer is simple; you should have a VPN installed in your smartphone to avoid having multiple software sucking your phone’s memory and resources. Plus, there are quite a many features that no other security software offers but a VPN such as data encryption, identity security, anonymous P2P filesharing, kill switch and much more.

The following Top smartphone VPN list has been arranged after a thorough analysis of speed, quality, network size and pricing of each VPN service. This will help you with making your decision about which VPN to buy with great ease and no confusions whatsoever. We have done the hard work for you and all you have to do is to go through this list and pick the smartphone VPN that looks most appropriate to your needs and requirements.

10 Best VPN for Smartphones

Here goes the list of top 10 smartphones VPN:

Rank VPN Price OS Score
$9.96/mo 69%
$6.95/mo 90%
$11.52/mo 81%
$11.67/mo 95%
$10/mo 68%
$9.9/mo 75%
$10.99/mo 75%
$7.57/mo 65%
$12.95/mo 79%
$4.84/mo 80%

Top 5 Smartphones VPNs

It’s time to narrow down the list of best VPN for smartphones even more. After critical analysis we have been able to determine the top 5 VPN services for smartphones. Here goes the list:

  • PureVPN – Works for all smartphones including Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry. Comes with simple VPN client and as low as $4 for mobile subscription only.
  • PIA – This VPN is perfect for Smartpones because it offers 2900+ servers to go anonymous, Free Package Plan, fully compatible service with iOS, Android, Windows mobiles and Routers.
  • HideMyAss– Servers installed in 210+ locations, offering wide array of protocols and compatibility with all Smartphones.
  • – A one-size-fits-all VPN service. Amazing connectivity on smartphones. Comes with free VPN for Android and iOS.
  • Vypr VPN – Works best with smartphones in terms of speed and connectivity comes with 3 multi-logins, P2P support and more.


It seems difficult to pick one VPN while there are a lot of providers offering different kinds of smartphone services. However, there is no need of getting confused because smartphone VPNs are designed and developed in a way that they support all the major devices and operating systems effectively. Since the smartphone VPNs are multi device compatible, they are able to protect all smartphone users seamlessly.

The best thing about the aforementioned top smartphone VPN providers is that they offer custom clients for smartphones as well as manual settings to use VPN on any phone without the client. Smartphone VPNs are definitely one of the greatest creations of the current decade.

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