There are numerous ways to be entertained. Movies, TV shows, music and dramas are some of the many means of entertainment. However, sports is one of the biggest source of entertainment. Various sporting events are held and carried out all year round. While a lot of people go to the venues to see it live, many choose to stream the events from home, office etc. Unfortunately, since sports streaming websites and channels are location based, fans residing in different parts of the world are unable to stream their favorite games. This is where the need of a sports VPN rises.

Why Do You Need a VPN for Sports Streaming?

Whether you couldn’t get the tickets of your favorite game, can’t afford to travel to the venue city/country or just prefer watching it with your family at home; you would need a VPN. A sports VPN will unblock whichever sports channel you need to access for the sport streaming by switching your real IP to one from a country where that particular channel is not blocked. However, while claiming to be the best, not all the VPN providers give best streaming experience. So you must choose the right VPN service and this is why we have compiled the list of best sports VPN for you!

Best VPN for Sports Streaming 

Here are the top 10 sports VPN services:

Rank VPN Price OS Score
$11.52/mo 81%
$6.95/mo 90%
$9.96/mo 69%
$10/mo 79%
$12.95/mo 79%
$11.67/mo 95%
$4.84/mo 80%
$16.95/mo 67%
$9.9/mo 75%
$9.95/mo 64%

And finally here are the top 5 VPNs for sports streaming:

  • PIA – 2900+ servers, TCP, UDP, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, SSL, SSTP and OpenVPN protocols supported, compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and Mac, PIA can make your sports life incredible.
  • PureVPN – Globally famous VPN, wide network consisted of 500+ servers, offering 80,000+ IPs, Multi-Logins and more. Prices start from as low as $9.95/month.
  • – Offers servers from 24+ locations, high-grade encryption, unlimited bandwidth and more for as low as $5.42/month.
  • HMA – Network consisted of 100+ servers installed in 23 countries, Free package offered, price starts from as low as 11.67/month.
  • Le VPN – Network spread in 114+ countries offering 110,000+ IPs to stream sports on all geo-restricted websites, basic plan starts at $10.00.


No matter which sport it is, its streaming must be lag-free and of high quality. So pick the best sports VPN from the aforementioned list and set it up on your desired device before your favorite game begins. Depending on your preference you can install a VPN client on your device or choose to go with manual settings. Make sure to set the sports VPN up a few days prior to the sport event to avoid any last-minute-tribulation.

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