The ever increasing threats against internet users have left everyone with no option but to use tools and software for online protection. A VPN has beaten almost every other security tool that is out there for the purpose of protecting users from malware, hack attacks, DDoS attacks and other vulnerabilities. A good VPN is definitely the one-stop-solution for every internet user.

Why a Router VPN is Different from Regular VPNs?

While there are countless VPN services out there today in the market, all of them aren’t perfect router VPNs. There are a number of qualities that a router VPN has, one of them being the capability to be configured on a router. Not only that a good router VPN is configured on a router but provides stable connectivity and completely secure and restriction-free online experience.

Another sign of a good router VPN is that it is easily set up on the router using general ‘how to’ guides or ones provided by the VPN providers themselves. Last but not least, effective VPNs for routers are supported on a wide range of routers of different manufacturers. Today, we will list down top 10 router VPNs after considering a number of factors including device compatibility, ease of configuration, overall connection stability, speed, usefulness and product pricing.

10 Best VPNs for Routers

Here’s the top 10 list of router VPNs:

Rank VPN Price OS Score
$9.96/mo 69%
$10/mo 79%
$6.95/mo 90%
$11.52/mo 81%
$12.95/mo 79%
$4.84/mo 80%
$11.67/mo 95%
$10/mo 68%
$9.95/mo 64%
$13.6/mo 62%


You cannot just buy any VPN and figure out whether or not it is a good VPN for your router. We kept this factor in mind and thus analyzed and compared dozens of VPN services to give you top 10 names of VPNs that are ideal for routers. Make use of the top 10 list and purchase a router VPN that would fulfill all your needs and requirements.

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