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About the Company

BlackVPN, the VPN provider, moved to Hong Kong in 2012 to avoid court orders to install backdoors and monitoring to record users’ activities. Hong Kong has a tradition of free speech, which is why it is easier to operate from Hong Kong for a VPN provider without putting users’ security and privacy in jeopardy. Snowden didn’t move to Hong Kong before choosing to go public with his statements against NSA for no reason. In Hong Kong, he was able to practice free speech, and so are BlackVPN users.


BlackVPN is not packed up with features but does offer more than the basic features that a fairly new VPN provider offers. Here are the details of BlackVPN’s features:

Global Existence

The VPN network of BlackVPN is spread in 12 countries, primary around Europe but in Northern America and Asia as well. US, UK, Netherlands, Lunxembourg, Lithuania, Romania, Canada, Russia and Austria are some of the many countries BlackVPN has deployed its servers in. the total number of IPs providied through each or all these servers is neither mentioned on the official BlackVPN website nor their representatives are willing to tell over live chat etc.

However, we really don’t think that a user should care about the number of IPs as long as the VPN service fulfils all the required purposes in a fast and effective manner. So don’t think too much about the number of IPs while buying BlackVPN subscription. However, you are the one to decide.

Pricing Plan

BlackVPN has three plans to offer to you. Just like most other services, the longer you take the service for, bigger the discount. The packages are called ‘Stream from Anywhere service’, ‘Privacy VPN’ and ‘Full Package’. The packages are in cheap-to-average prices, giving users the power to make a selection according to their exact needs and requirements. BlackVPN also feels proud at using a part of their profits to support the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), on which they deserve to feel proud.

The VPN provider doesn’t currently offer a free package plan. However, keeping in the mind the fact that the service comes with a 14 days refund policy, you can test out the service before choosing to continue with it.

Payment methods

BlackVPN accepts payments through PayPal and Bitcoin. We really think that in this area BlackVPN falls short as there are a lot of other payment modes people want to pay through and BlackVPN just don’t support them as of now. However, having Bitcoin as a supported payment mode is a great thing as a lot of people these days prefer paying through Bitcoin due to the fact that it is a very fast and secure mode.

Protocol Support & Encryption

BlackVPN provides very strong security. We were surprised to see that the service comes with a 256bit AES OpenVPN with a 4096 bit key. It is for sure one of the securest in the industry. With this encryption module, BlackVPN is able to help users stay secure against hackers and other cyber criminals. The data is encrypted to such extent that it is almost impossible to decrypt it in anyway. BlackVPN also offers L2TP and PPTP protocols.


BlackVPN is supported on Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS and a number of routers. We installed and tried out its Windows VPN client and here is what we think about it:

The Windows VPN Client

BlackVPN doesn’t actually have a customized VPN client of its own. What it offers is an OpenVPN client or Viscosity. We tried both and didn’t face any problems. However, the Viscosity has the ability to provide a bit more detail about the usage and stats. The only problem we faced was that there was some trouble connecting to some of the servers (mainly Ukraine and Russia). However, you should know that this problem is not on BlackVPN’s end but due to ISPs and the servers. According to BlackVPN, they are working to resolve issues on these servers. We are sure BlackVPN will overcome these obstacles and come on top as a strong and trouble-free VPN.

Other Platforms

Since the VPN provider doesn’t have propriety PC application, it is not a surprise that the same goes for other platforms or operating systems. However, there are guides available to configure it on all the major devices with ease. We also gave it a test and were pretty satisfied with the overall experience.

P2P support

This is the best part; BlackVPN openly allows P2P data sharing. Since the VPN provider is based in Hong Kong, it is able to let its users prevent copyright alerts and fines. Plus the users are always on a random foreign IP that keeps them anonymous from the government and other agencies.

Multi Logins

BlackVPN allows 3 simultaneous connections. This means that you can buy one BlackVPN subscription and use the very credentials to get connected on 3 devices. The devices can be different and multi-logins will not affect any of the devices no matter whether you are unblocking content or streaming your favorite movies. In a nutshell, BlackVPN’s multi-logins work just like the other multi-login feature of its competitors work.


Money Back Guarantee: BlackVPN comes with a 14 day money back guarantee. The condition is that you must have paid through PayPal, Credit Card or Bitcoin. According to what they claim, team BlackVPN doesn’t ask any questions and gives a refund easily.

Logs policy: One of the most praiseworthy things about BlackVPN is that it doesn’t maintain any user logs. No traffic logs, no connection logs, no DNS logs. No logs whatsoever. The VPN provider does keep users’ email address and payment history, which is totally fair.

Customer Support

Live Chat, FAQs and Ticket Submission are the three types of support comes with BlackVPN. The FAQs are amazingly filled with adequate tutorials to fix all VPN related issues and to set up the VPN service on diverse devices. The support ticket is great as they will quickly reply you through it and will walk you through solutions for whatever issues you are facing. We asked them about a few issues we were experiencing with the client and they helped us fix them right up.

The Live Chat, however, is a bit odd as they have set particular time slots for the live chat. We hope that they expand their support team and start taking the live chat requests on a 24/7 basis as it will be a game changer for them. All in all, BlackVPN’s support is very useful and quite satisfactory.

Innovative Features or Special Add-ons

Almost every VPN offers a couple of additional features that provide added value for the user apart from giving the security, anonymity and freedom to access their desired content. Here are the details of those features for BlackVPN:

Dedicated IPs – No

Internet Kill Switch – No

Streaming BoosterNo

Online Gaming Support No

NAT Firewall – No

Web ProtectionNo

Anti Malware Protection Yes

BlackVPN’s Anti-Malware feature will help you prevent unwanted and annoying malware from being installed on your system. This will keep your machine’s speed fast and you wouldn’t have to see any irritating ad pop ups.

Encrypted EmailNo

Stealth BrowserNo

DDoS Attack Protection – Yes

DDoS has become a huge problem for many internet users especially those who play online games. DDoS attacks not only disturb the gaming sessions but also slow down the overall speed of the machine. BlackVPN’s DDoS protection tool helps you prevent such attacks.


There are a number of mentionable pros of BlackVPN, which are as followed:

  • Great attention to security
  • Strict No-Logs policy
  • Useful FAQs section on the website
  • Free Viscosity license
  • Good Customer Support
  • A 14 day “no questions asked’ Free Trial


There are a few cons too, which are:

  • Performance inconsistency
  • Connection issues


BlackVPN offers a bit of everything. Whether it is unblocking of content, security or fast streaming, BlackVPN covers all areas. There are, surely, a few areas in which the VPN service must make improvements but as an overall the service is good and has great potential.

Ratings for Security Features 20 %
Ratings for Additional Features 30 %
Ratings for Log Policy 89 %
Rating for Pricing & Packages 67 %
Ratings for OS Compatibility 60 %
Rating for Supported Devices 65 %
Rating for Supported Protocols 50 %
Rating for IP Types 33 %
Rating for VPN Apps 40 %
Rating for Customer Support 40 %

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