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About the Company

CactusVPN is a Moldova based VPN company. Though the company is fairly new and pretty small at the time, it still gets a lot of things right. The privacy policy is great, the encryption is amazing, the speed is pretty good, package prices are affordable and customer support is friendly and helpful as well.


Here are the features CactusVPN offers to its users around the globe:

Global Existence

Since this VPN is fairly new in the industry, it offers a limited number of servers in a very few countries. The total number of servers in the CactusVPN network is 16 and they are installed in 4 countries, which are USA, UK, Netherlands and Romania.

Pricing Plan

There are 5 plans offered by CactusVPN for monthly, quarterly and annual packages. Below are the details of the monthly packages (Rest of the packages offer exact same features with the difference of prices).

US VPN: $4.99 – 4 Servers in USA

UK VPN: $4.99 – 6 Servers in UK

Liberty VPN: $4.99 – 4 Servers in Netherlands, 2 Servers in Romania

VPN + SmartDNS: $4.99 – 16 Servers in USA, UK, Netherlands, and Romania.

SmartDNS: $4.99

The best thing about CactusVPN is that it gives all the protocols with all of its packages. The protocols include L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, SoftEther and PPTP. All packages come with Proxy as well. The prices are fair and can be afforded by anyone.

CactusVPN also offers a Free Trial so that new users can test out the VPN service before making their purchase. Free VPN is definitely something that tells about the company that it has full faith on its product and so is the case with CactusVPN as it presents the trial proudly.

The Windows Client

CactusVPN’s windows client is a pleasant-looking and easy-to-comprehend program even for the novice users. The main tab of the client lets you select location and protocols, while the settings menu has the usual things a VPN client has. The most mentionable and praiseworthy feature of Windows client is ‘Apps Killer’. The feature, we think, works in an even better way than the Internet Kill Switch, which only closes specific applications (the one user has configured or chosen beforehand). Our team tried Apps Killer while using a P2P filesharing client and it worked very well. The feature even restarts the closed App upon reconnect.

Other Platforms

CactusVPN also offers an OSX version of the VPN client. There are also a number of amazingly designed guides to configure the VPN manually. CactusVPN iOS App has also been released but the Android users have to use the service manually for now. There are tutorials available on the CactusVPN website that help out users configure the VPN on the Android devices, quickly and easily.

Payment methods

Payment modes make a big difference when it comes to making an online purchase. If a service doesn’t accept payments through all the major payment methods, people are likely to choose another service. We fear that the same would happen with CactusVPN because it doesn’t offer a lot of modes including the most desired Bitcoin. It does, however, accept payments through all major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, along with other options such as PayPal YandexMoney, Web Money and so on.

Protocol Support & Encryption

On the technical security side CactusVPN performs nicely as well. It offers 256-bit AES encryption with 2048-bit key authentication on OpenVPN, 256-bit SSL key encryption on SSTP, and 128-bit to 256-bit (it is selectable while the manual configurations are being done) encryption on L2TP/IPsec connections. So whatever activities the user is performing online, they are safe against hackers, government surveillance and other cyber teams that want to get their hands on data that is not theirs.


CactusVPN works on most, but not all operating systems. The supported operating systems include Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. Linux is not currently supported by this VPN provider.

P2P support

You can download and upload as much data as you want via P2P platform. All you have to do is to be on CactusVPN’s Netherlands or Romanian servers and you are good to go!

Multi Logins

CactusVPN does offer multi-logins. However, their multi login policy is a bit unusual when it comes to the number of devices that can be connected simultaneously to the VPN. We will try to explain how it works in simple words. You can login on multiple devices but on different servers. For example, if you have connected CactusVPN on your computer using a Netherlands server, then you will have to connect to a server of any other country on your Smartphone. The feature is a bit strange, but not that bad as well.


Money Back Guarantee: CactusVPN offers a 30 days money back guarantee. We believe that 30 days are more than enough to test out a VPN service, thoroughly and effortlessly.

Logs policy: On the privacy front, CactusVPN looks pretty good as they keep no logs of what you do on the internet or what you upload and download. However, connection logs are kept for 3 days for troubleshooting purposes.

Customer Support

The support area has been beautifully designed. There are set up guides and FAQ area that provides answers to the most common questions and issues that you might need a solution to. The customer support responds soon as well when they are contacted. Their answers are mostly to-the-point even when you require a technical solution. CactusVPN also has a Learning Center on the website that explains basics of VPN technology, online anonymity and security, which a lot of users find very informative and useful.

Innovative Features or Special Add-ons

Here are the details of additional features provided by CactusVPN:

Dedicated IPs – No

Internet Kill Switch – No

Streaming BoosterYes – The streaming booster of CactusVPN is named SmartDNS. It unblocks the streaming channels without encrypting the internet connection. As a result, the streaming speed stays high on all the restricted channels.

Online Gaming Support No

NAT Firewall – No

Web ProtectionNo

Anti Malware Protection No

Encrypted Email No

Stealth BrowserYes – CactusVPN comes with AutoProxy which lets you setup your browser so that your IP will only switch to a random one for a particular list of websites such as BBC, Netflix, Pandora etc. This allows you to easily access your favorite channels that are otherwise restricted while leaving rest of the internet work as it should be (according to your ISP and government’s requirements).

DDoS Attack ProtectionNo


There are a lot of pros we would like to mention, some of which are:

  • Low cost
  • Fast speed
  • AutoProxy
  • P2P downloading allowed
  • 256-bit AES OpenVPN and SSTP encryption
  • Application Killer and integrated SmartDNS with VPN client


We didn’t find too many flaws with the service but here’s what lacks in the CactusVPN service:

  • No OpenVPN support available for iOS or Android
  • Port forwarding feature is not available, which could cause turbulence if you need it
  • Bitcoin is not supported


As an overall VPN service, CactusVPN is an effective product. It is feature-rich, fast, affordable, and provides users the security they must have against countless cyber threats that lurk around in the cyber world. CactusVPN has also provided helpful guides to help out all the users with configuration process as well as to troubleshoot the common issues that they might face while using the VPN service. We really hope that Bitcoin is added to the list of supported payment modes as it would only increase CactusVPN’s user base.

Ratings for Security Features 0 %
Ratings for Additional Features 40 %
Ratings for Log Policy 80 %
Rating for Pricing & Packages 75 %
Ratings for OS Compatibility 45 %
Rating for Supported Devices 55 %
Rating for Supported Protocols 45 %
Rating for IP Types 33 %
Rating for VPN Apps 40 %
Rating for Customer Support 35 %

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