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$11.67/mo 95%

About the Company

Based in Malaysia, hide.me is a widely-known VPN provider, ran by a team of highly-skilled IT experts from around the globe. Team hide.me VPN has previously worked on security projects for several corporations as well as government departments and today it aims is to provide complete security, anonymity and freedom to all the internet users.


hide.me, without a doubt, is a feature-rich VPN. We were amused to find out how much value its features provide its users with. Here’s a brief analysis of all the features:

Global Existence

hide.me has a wide network of dedicated servers. The servers are spread around the globe, in 23 countries. Successful deployment of these many VPN servers is a great achievement. We connected hide.me with a number of servers from around the world with different protocols and were able to carry out the tasks we were supposed to via a trustable VPN.

hide.me doesn’t rely on third parties. They host and manage their own network of dedicated VPN servers which actually makes them to deliver the fastest VPN service to the entire world.

Pricing Plan

hide.me offers three plans: Free, Premium and Plus. Here are their details:

Free Package: Allows only 2 locations to connect through. There is a 2GB data limit on the data transfer.

Plus Package: Starting from $5.42/month, Plus plan also comes for different tenure including monthly, bi-annually and yearly. The Plus plan offers all the features of hide.me except for few limitations. The data transfer limit for Plus plan subscriber is limited to 75GB /month. Instead of 5 simultaneous logins, Plus plan users can only get 1 simultaneous login.

Premium Package: The Premium package gives the best experience and gives all the features hide.me offers. It comes with a money back guarantee and no download caps, along with all protocols’ support. Users can get their money refunded to them if filed for refund within 14 days. Users must not cross the bandwidth limit of 500 Mb or else their money-back-guarantee will be voided.

The premium subscription starts from $11.67/month, while Plus subscription costs as low as $5.42/month.

Payment methods

One of the biggest concerns of the new customers is that whether or not their preffered payment menthod is supported by the VPN provider. If you are one of the concerned customers, worry not, because hide.me offers 80 different payment types to buy its subscription. The most commonly chosen options, Paypal, MasterCard, American Express, Sofort and Bitcoin are also offered to the customers.

Protocol Support & Encryption

hide.me offers large number of protocols to choose from depending on the needs and requirements of the users, including L2TP/IPsec, Softether, PPTP, OpenVPN, SSTP, Socks, IKEv1 and IKEv2. A VPN cannot fulfill every user’s requirements if it does not offer diverse protocols, and this is why hide.me VPN takes extra points here for being a protocol-rich VPN.


hide.me can be used on just about any device, running any OS including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Android, Mac OS/X, Linux Ubuntu, iOS, Router, Windows phone 8.1, Blackberry etc. hide.me offers its dialer for Windows and Android, the VPN is setup manually on rest of the operating systems.

Windows Dialer: The hide.me Windows Client is called ‘sleek and glossy’ by its own team, and we must say we agree to their statement. However, it is not just the look that makes hide.me Windows dialer a powerful VPN but its feature-rich nature.

We found its ‘One-Click Connect’ feature very useful as it saved time and efforts. ‘Auto Connect’ and ‘Auto Reconnect’ also came handy when we restarted the machine or the internet/VPN connection dropped for whatever reason.

Android Dialer: The Android Client for hide.me is not behind the Windows dialer. The App supports IKEv2, which gives internet connection the stability and encryption it needs. The connection is almost always super-speedy as we streamed content and played online games without any difficulty using the IKEv2 protocol.

The Android dialer also comes with Auto Server Selection and Auto Reconnect features which make the dialer extremely user-friendly. We did, however, experienced occasional slow-downs and disconnections but it wasn’t too frequent. This client can be set up on any device that runs Android 4.0 or higher. And here’s the best part; hide.me’s Android client is absolutely free to use!

P2P support

Most of the hide.me servers allow P2P file sharing so users can upload or download data using P2P clients with complete ease.

Multi Logins

hide.me gives users the power to connect onto 5 different devices simultaneously. This means that 5 users can be connected to the internet via hide.me using the same credentials and enjoy a restriction-free and secure internet.


No-logs policy: In Malaysia, the data retention laws don’t force a Malaysian VPN to retain user logs. This makes hide.me a service that does not keep user logs. While most VPN providers keep logs with or without the consent of the users, services like hide.me are operating transparently.

Customer Support

hide.me’s primary customer support is via a contact form. The response is sometimes very quick but sometimes too slow. However, the best part is that the support is available throughout the weekends as well.  We contacted the support team to check their efficiency and can at least ensure everyone that support team at hide.me VPN is always ready to help the customers with a pleasant attitude.

Innovative Features or Special Add-ons

  1. Dedicated IPs – No
  2. Internet Kill Switch – Yes – The Internet Kill switch works in a simple but effective way. As soon as the VPN connection drops, the Kill Switch disconnects the browser session so that the user does not lose their anonymity.
  3. Streaming BoosterNo
  4. Online Gaming Support – Yes – Users can play games on servers they aren’t allowed to. We went online and played a few games with other gamers using the hide.me’s online gaming support and the experience was as smooth as it should have been. Latency was low and so there weren’t any visible lags.
  5. NAT Firewall – Yes – NAT Firewall gives additional layer of security for user’s hide.me connection. It blocks unrequested inbound traffic and protects any device connected to hide.me.
  6. Web Protection – No
  7. Anti Malware Protection – No
  8. Encrypted Email – No
  9. Stealth Browser – No
  10. DDoS Attack Protection – No

We concluded that hide.me doesn’t come with special Add-Ons of innovative features, but to be honest, the features it already provides are more than enough to fulfill the requirement of most of the users.


hide.me is fast and reliable. Multi-protocols and diverse servers make it ideal for just about any kind of internet user with both personal and professional needs. Since the user logs of hide.me customers are not retained, each and every user is guaranteed complete anonymity. hide.me is also secure against DNS Leaks and various cyber threats, so we have no other option but to declare this VPN a trust-worthy one.


hide.me’s premium plan is a bit pricier than other VPNs. However, it fulfils all security, anonymity and freedom requirements. The plus plan subscription, however, is somewhat limited in features but provides good value for money.


All in all, hide.me is a solid VPN service. Yes, the premium plan is a bit pricey but would you not want to pay a few more bucks to ensure your online protection rather than getting hacked or monitored just to save some? We recommend that you try out the free trial if you are not ready to get started with the premium membership.

Ratings for Security Features 90 %
Ratings for Additional Features 80 %
Ratings for Log Policy 99 %
Rating for Pricing & Packages 50 %
Ratings for OS Compatibility 78 %
Rating for Supported Devices 85 %
Rating for Supported Protocols 85 %
Rating for IP Types 52 %
Rating for VPN Apps 70 %
Rating for Customer Support 80 %

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