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IPVanish, the only true tier-1 VPN service in the world, is all about a better cyber world that is secure and anonymous. IPVanish also has a zero logs policy, which is a sigh of relief for every user. IPVanish network is spread in 60+ countries and counting. The VPN has stepped up its game in the recent times and has stabilized speed and downtime issues that it had in the past.


Packed up with diverse features, IPVanish is the primary choice of many users. Here are the features IPVanish offers to its global users, along with our take on each feature:

Global Existence

IPVanish network is wide-spread in 60+ countries where IPVanish has deployed 180+ servers so far. These servers offer a whopping 25,000+ IPs to go anonymous and access all the desired geo-restricted websites and various online services.

Pricing Plan

IPVanish offers three packages, 1 month, 3 months and 1 year, with increasing discounts the longer you sign up for. 1 month plan starts from $10.00, 3 months plan starts from $26.99 and yearly plan costs as low as $77.99. The prices are definitely higher than a number of other VPN services that are competing head to head with IPVanish. We, quite frankly, don’t understand why the prices are high keeping in mind the satisfaction ratio of the users. $10 a month is not justified at all!

IPVanish also offers a Free Trial for those who sign up using the iOS App. So if you are an iOS user, it is a good opportunity for you to test of the VPN service before buying it for any other OS. The Free App, obviously, comes with its limitations but provides all the basic features to go anonymous and restriction-free.

Payment methods

When it comes to giving users friendly payment options, IPVanish is not behind any other VPN service. IPVanish supports all the major payment methods including Credit Cards, WorldPay and Bitcoin. All the major payment modes can be used by the customer to easily and rapidly make their purchase through Visa, PayPal, American Express and so on.

Protocol Support & Encryption

IPVanish comes with fewer yet essential protocols including PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. The iOS app lets users connect with PPTP and L2Tp, while the Android App provides an OpenVPN connection by default. Other protocols such as IPSec and IKEv2 can be acquired via manual configuration.


IPVanish can be configured on a machine manually or used via specific client. IPVanish has prepared visual guides to help new users setup the VPN in an easy and rapid manner. The instructions are in a step-by-step method and are available on the official IPVanish website’s VPN Setup page. IPVanish provides software for Windows Vista and newer, OSX 10.10, Android 4.2 and higher and iOS8. On rest of the devices the VPN is configured manually. The software is free to download so we installed it on a few of our machines and tested out its compatibility with the devices and found it satisfactory.

P2P support

Keeping in mind the importance of P2P file sharing, IPVanish has given its users a full P2P support. There are many servers installed in different parts of the world that are ideal of P2P file sharing. We tried out a few random servers and were able to upload/download data via a P2P client.

Multi Logins

Multi-logins are supported by IPVanish. You can configure IPVanish VPN on multiple devices and use simultaneously on 2 devices. You can also configure IPVanish on your router. It will give you the power to use IPVanish on any device that you connect to through your VPN-configured router.


Money Back Guarantee: A 7 Day Money Back Guarantee is offered to those who are not sure whether they want IPVanish or not. The refund claim must be made within 7 days of subscription to be able to get the paid money without any difficulty. The eligible refunds are processed within 10 business days.

It should be noted that due to the fact that iOS users get the IPVanish App for free, they don’t qualify for the money back guarantee. Also, those customers who pay using a non-refundable payment method will not qualify for a refund. Here is a detailed copy of IPVanish’s Terms of Service .

No-logs policy: IPVanish now has a true zero-logs policy. This allows users to carry out their desired activities without the fear of getting tracked.

Customer Support

IPVanish mentions everywhere that their customer support is available 24/7, however, it is a blatant lie. Countless users have been found on different platforms i.e. forums, blogs etc. complaining about the customer support. We confirmed it by contacting the support staff via the only available medium ‘e-mail’ and haven’t received a response after the passing of several hours. There is no Live Chat feature, which could be helpful. So as an overall the IPVanish customer support is a disaster.

The ‘Support Center’, however, answers to the basic and common questions, especially of the new users. So if you are a new IPVanish user, be sure to search for your problem’s solution on the Support Center before writing an e-mail to them.

Innovative Features or Special Add-ons

Let’s take a look at what innovative features and/or Add-Ons IPVanish offers:

Dedicated IPs – No

Internet Kill Switch – Yes

This feature shuts down all the internet activities if/when the VPN connection drops. It prevents the user from losing their anonymity and security against countless threats that lurk around in the cyber world. The feature, however, is currently available on OSX client only. It can be found under Settings> Connection> ‘Kill network if VPN Connection is lost”.

Streaming BoosterNo

Online Gaming Support – Yes

IPVanish can help users speed up their online gaming connection which eventually provide them with a competitive advantage.

NAT Firewall – Yes

All the paid accounts come with Nat Firewall feature.

Web ProtectionNo

Anti Malware Protection – Yes

Users are protected against Malware, Identity Theft and Spamming through the Nat Firewall.

Encrypted Email – No

Stealth Browser – No

DDoS Attack Protection – No


There are a number of things we loved about IPVanish. First of all, it’s secure against the dangerous DNS leakage. Secondly, IPVanish is the only tier-1 VPN network, which is why it is able to provide stable, and at times very fast streaming. The VPN gives users a rock-solid protection against malware, identity-theft, spamming and deep packet inspection.


A lot of users have complained about slow speed, lengthy server down time etc. IPVanish claims that its support is available 24/7 but it’s not true. There is no auto-connect feature available in the software and sometimes the program doesn’t remember user’s credentials even when they have chosen ‘remember login’.


IPVanish can be the ideal VPN for users concerned about their security and privacy. The VPN is also suitable for gamers and streaming fans. However, if you are a user who wants to stay in touch with your VPN provider to be aware of all ins and outs of your service, you would not like the service due to its poor customer support. However, IPVanish is a trustable VPN and is a solid product as an overall.

Ratings for Security Features 69 %
Ratings for Additional Features 65 %
Ratings for Log Policy 50 %
Rating for Pricing & Packages 70 %
Ratings for OS Compatibility 70 %
Rating for Supported Devices 88 %
Rating for Supported Protocols 65 %
Rating for IP Types 50 %
Rating for VPN Apps 89 %
Rating for Customer Support 88 %

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