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$9.95/mo 64%

About The Company

LeVPN is a unique as well as highly efficient VPN service provider. The service is powerfully packed with protocols that make sure that users are well protected from harmful agents as well as their identity is secure. The most distinguishing thing about LeVPN is that it offers a Hybrid VPN service, which is a hybrid between a SmartDNS and VPN service. What this essentially does is combine the high encryption features of a VPN with the high speed of SmartDNS.


LeVPN is a VPN service provider that comes packed with many features. The most eye-catching feature is the Hybrid VPN which is a combination of SmartDNS and VPN. It also offers a 100% 7-day money back guarantee and is simple and fast to set up (their website says it takes less than two minutes to set up LeVPN on your system in just 4 simple steps). Apart from the money back guarantee, they also provide the feature of cancelling their service any times a user wants without a hassle.

Global Network

LeVPN has an impressive global coverage for its VPN customers. It is right up there with the best VPN service providers as the company offers servers in over 114 countries all over the world.


LeVPN provides great data encryption for its users using protocols like L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN. The option for choosing from one of three ports, that is one UDP and two TCP is also provided to users.


LeVPN supports all platforms and devices. It provides detailed setup instructions for all platforms and uses the powerful client Viscosity.

  • VPN Apps/Software

LeVPN has its own client applications for Android and iOS users. The applications can be downloaded from their website or on the App store or Google Play store.

Pricing Plans

LeVPN offers a single all-in-one pack to its users. Subscriptions start from $4.95 per month for an annual subscription while the one month plan is priced at $9.95.

Additional Features

  • Free Trial? – No
  • Activity logs? – Yes – LeVPN save activity logs but they have unclear policy about it.
  • Connection logs? – Yes – Same as unclear policy about activity logs, LeVPN is unclear in connection logs too.
  • Online chat for customer support? – No
  • Speed drop? – No
  • P2P? – No
  • Port Forwarding? – No
  • Hybrid VPN is a unique feature that combines SmartDNS with VPN


  • Hybrid VPN feature
  • Good pricing
  • Great global coverage


  • No live chat for customer support
  • No free trial


LeVPN offers quality service at a really low price for its users. Although there is no free trial, they provide a full satisfaction 7-day money back guarantee on their service as well as allow users to cancel their subscription anytime they want. The Hybrid VPN feature is unique to LeVPN and is a really good performance enhancer for its speed and encryption, taking it a step ahead from other VPN service providers. With great global coverage and compatibility for platforms and devices, it is a good pick for anyone.

Ratings for Security Features 0 %
Ratings for Additional Features 30 %
Ratings for Log Policy 78 %
Rating for Pricing & Packages 80 %
Ratings for OS Compatibility 65 %
Rating for Supported Devices 70 %
Rating for Supported Protocols 45 %
Rating for IP Types 33 %
Rating for VPN Apps 45 %
Rating for Customer Support 65 %

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