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About the Company

Private VPN is based in Sweden. The VPN provider offers a very trustable ‘no logs policy’ along with a wide array of IPs, protocols and features. Private VPN’s best creation is its windows VPN client. The client has some flaws but they aren’t non-fixable. Private VPN is a famous name in the VPN industry for being a cross-platform OpenVPN supported VPN program offered to people all around the globe.


We are about to go through each and every feature of this VPN provider in order to meticulously review the product.

Global Existence

Private VPN network is spread in 16 countries. The servers are located in the US and Europe and the service provides say that they are working in more countries to expand VPN network. There is no clear info on the number of servers or IPs that the VPN service provides.

Pricing Plan

The pricing plans offered by Private VPN are simple and all inclusive. The plans start from €7 (approx. $10) per month. Yes it is not the cheapest VPN service around but surely a satisfactory one (and affordable too if you want to be covered from all aspects including online privacy, security and so on).

Free Trial: If you will ask, Private VPN will send you a code that you can use for a 24 hour free trial. 24 hours, according to our testing team, are more than enough to try out a service to figure out whether or not it should be bought.

Payment Methods

Private VPN lets you pay through a number of modes including the most commonly used PayPal, Payson Direct, Plimus, and the most important one; Bitcoin. So purchasing this VPN will not be difficult for anyone thanks to the wide range of payment mode support.


Protocol Support & Encryption

When you choose Private VPN, you get to use OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and PPTP protocols. The protocol support is good enough to meet the requirements of most users. The best thing is that these protocols can be chosen for any of the Private VPN servers installed in 16 different countries. The 256-bit AES based encryption with 2048-bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange get you a very strong safety for your data.


Private VPN is supported on all the major operating systems including Windows, Android, iOS and Mac. The Windows client offer 128-bit Blowfish encryption and dynamic IPs along with some funky features. There is also this ‘TV stations’ window that takes you to some TV websites.

Unfortunately there is lack of setup guides for Linux, iOS and Mac, especially for OpenVPN configuration.  We hope that more setup guides are added to the Private VPN website before the VPN service starts losing customers in big numbers.

P2P Support

Another good feature of Private VPN; it supports P2P file sharing! Although the provider recommends that users connect with Sweden servers, the fact that the service supports P2P is more than enough to get excited. However, if you are using an IP from another country but Sweden then there are chances of you getting that IP banned by a DMCA takedown. You, however, will stay safe.

Multi Logins

This is where Private VPN snatches the most points. The VPN service offers 4 simultaneous multi-logins! This means that you can setup Private VPN on your PC/laptop, smartphone, gaming console/smart TV and many other devices (not more than 4 devices would work simultaneously). If you have people willing to use a VPN in your family, you can save the money that you would have to spend paying for several VPN accounts.


Money Back Guarantee: There is no money back guarantee offered by Private VPN. According to what Private VPN users say on various platforms online, it is very hard to get a refund even if the issues faced by users are clearly existent on Private VPN’s end. So while purchasing Private VPN, don’t keep the idea of expecting a refund in your mind.

Logs policy: Private VPN’s website clearly states: “We NEVER produce logs of any data traffic. The only thing we store is your user name, password and your e-mail address.”  Private VPN is able to do this because of the fact that it is based in Sweden and no direct Data Retention Directives are applied to the VPN providers in this country. This is yet another reason why users may prefer Private VPN over many other leading providers that keep user logs.

Customer Support

Fortunately, the customer support is offered via Live Chat apart from the usual means of contact ‘e-mail’. However, we don’t k now exactly why was the Live Chat offline for several hours while we were testing Private VPN. There must have been some technical difficulty. We tried to contact the support team via e-mail and to our surprise the response came within an hour. The reply was technical, detailed yet easy to comprehend, just as we looked forward to. Thus we found the customer support very helpful and effective.

Innovative Features or Special Add-ons

Every VPN provider has something special to offer apart from the usual anonymous IPs and data encryption. Here are the details of what innovation Private VPN brings to the table:

Dedicated IPs – No

Internet Kill Switch – Yes

The feature is not exactly an Internet Kill Switch but even a better one. It is called ‘connection guard’ and it shuts down pre-determined programs upon the VPN’s disconnection. All the ‘killed’ features/programs come back to life as soon as the VPN connection is once again established.

Streaming BoosterNo

Online Gaming Support No

NAT Firewall – Yes

The NAT Firewall is a must-have in order to configure which ports you want to open and which to not. This helps you choose which traffic (and from where) should penetrate into your network.

Web ProtectionNo

Anti Malware Protection No

Encrypted EmailNo

Stealth BrowserNo

DDoS Attack ProtectionNo


  • Amazing no logs policy (we are glad Private VPN is based in Sweden)
  • Up to 256-bit AES encryption (except on Windows client)
  • Connection Guard feature is even better than a Kill Switch
  • Multi-login support for up to 4 devices


  • Price could have been friendlier
  • Poor support for OpenVPN on almost all platforms


There are plenty of things about Private VPN that push new users to try out the service. There are a number of issues with the service (as mentioned earlier) but they are ignorable. If you are concerned about having a VPN service that has no logs policy, supports P2P downloading and multi-device support and login, Private VPN might just be the service you need.

Ratings for Security Features 50 %
Ratings for Additional Features 35 %
Ratings for Log Policy 50 %
Rating for Pricing & Packages 65 %
Ratings for OS Compatibility 40 %
Rating for Supported Devices 45 %
Rating for Supported Protocols 40 %
Rating for IP Types 33 %
Rating for VPN Apps 0 %
Rating for Customer Support 30 %

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