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About the Company

Hong Kong based VPN, PureVPN is developed by GZ Systems. PureVPN is undoubtedly one of the top VPN providers in the VPN industry as it has a wide network spread around the globe with multiple highly-useful Add-Ons. The VPN service equally handles the issues related to privacy, security and geo-restrictions.


PureVPN offers diverse features that cover all areas including security, anonymity and freedom. Here is a glance at each feature:

Global Existence

PureVPN network is spread in 100+ countries. There are more than 500 servers offering 80,000+ IPs to go anonymous and restriction-free. We connected PureVPN with a number of servers from different parts of the world with various protocols and the experience was very satisfactory. The connection was stable, fast and the service met all our security and geo-unblocking requirements with ease. The experience was best on the Windows OS but rest were good as well.

Pricing Plan

Pricing is one of the key factors that make or break a product. PureVPN is very affordable, which is why its users are of all ages and using it for diverse needs and requirements. The monthly plan comes for as low as $9.95, the 6 months plan costs as low as $44.95 and the yearly plan can be acquired for $49.95 only. PureVPN also runs various campaigns where it cuts down the prices even more or gives Free Add-Ons or free months, every once in a while.

PureVPN offers free accounts for Android and iOS users. Free account offers 2 GB of monthly bandwidth to browse, download etc. The free account comes with limited server options and doesn’t provide any Add-Ons, unless you buy the PureVPN premium account and then purchase or get particular Add-Ons for free (as part of a bundle or promotional offer).

Payment methods

PureVPN offers over 50 payment methods to the users. Some of the payment modes include PayPal, Visa, Moneybooker, Discover, American Express, MasterCard, WebMoney, Plimus, Payza and most importantly; Bitcoin. PureVPN surely wants to make sure that whoever wants to buy its services doesn’t go without making the purchase in a rapid and easy manner.


Protocol Support & Encryption

PureVPN offers all the major protocols including PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, iKEv2, SSL and OpenVPN. We carried out different activities by connecting with different protocols and asked our technical team to try and breach the connection. Upon several failed attempts, our team was unable to decrypt any data on the PureVPN connection or hack the device. So all those users who are concerned about their privacy and security should sit back and relax once subscribed to PureVPN.


PureVPN supports all the major devices including PC, iPad, SmartPhones, Gaming Consoles, SmartTVs and Routers, running iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, OS X, Vista and so on.

P2P support

P2P file sharing is supported on PureVPN. There are numerous servers to connect to in order to download or upload through P2P clients with fast speeds and the best part is that all of this will be done anonymously!

Multi Logins

PureVPN allows simultaneous connectivity on up to 5 devices. PureVPN can actually be set up on 10 devices but 5 will work simultaneously. This is undoubtedly one of the best features a VPN provider can offer because utilizing 1 account credentials on multiple devices is very handy and saves a lot of money.


Money Back Guarantee:

PureVPN does offer money back guarantee to its premium users. Make sure to read the refund policy to ensure you get the refund in case of not liking the service, which is though highly unlikely.

No-Logs policy:

We checked on PureVPN’s website as well as confirmed this from their support officers; PureVPN does not maintain user activity logs. According to them, they only maintain session logs, which is for the betterment of the service. If this is true, it’s a huge plus point.

Customer Support

PureVPN’s customer support team is the best in the industry, hands down. The representatives are always available to answer to customer queries no matter what time or day it is. They are available 24/7/365 and their aim is to provide the required solution, rapidly and accurately.  The support types include Forum, On Call, Live Chat, Remote Desktop and Support Ticket.

Innovative Features or Special Add-ons

PureVPN is packed with innovative features and special Add-Ons. Here are their details:

Dedicated IPs – Yes

Dedicated IPs are offered, for both general and professional users.

Internet Kill Switch – Yes

This useful feature disconnects the browsing session as soon as user’s VPN connection drops.

Streaming BoosterYes

PureVPN’s Streaming Booster is called SmartDNS. It provides users an ultra-fast streaming experience on blocked websites and channels.

Online Gaming Support – Yes

PureVPN supports gaming and offers dozens of servers for online gaming.

NAT Firewall – Yes

This feature allows users to modify their ports so that external connections can make connection to user’s network for their desired purposes.

Web ProtectionYes

This tool gives another layer of protection to the users’ internet connection to ensure no cyber threats exist for the users.

Anti Malware ProtectionYes

PureVPN’s latest update secures users from various kind of threats including Malware as well as IPv6 leakage and DNS hijacking.

Encrypted EmailNo

Stealth BrowserYes

PureVPN’s Stealth Browser lets users browse the web anonymously, while giving them unrestricted access to portals they are banned on.

DDoS Attack ProtectionYes

No other VPN in the entire industry offers this Add-On. It protects users from DDoS attacks, which mostly occur during online gaming sessions with the intention of slowing down the user’s machine.


There are so many things that should be admired about PureVPN, including the Customer Support, wide array of features, protocols, number of servers and IPs. The military-grade data protection through and Add-Ons such as Web Protection, DDoS Protection, Kill Switch etc. add more value to the product and covers all users’ requirements related to privacy, security, anonymity, speedy streaming and much more.


The Android version is a disaster. We tested PureVPN on a number of Android devices and the connection was very unstable. The App also crashed a few times. This explains why the Android version is FREE. However, the App still somehow manages to fulfill its purpose, which is to provide security, anonymity and freedom once successfully connected and running.


All in all, PureVPN is a reliable VPN service, suitable for both personal and professional purposes. PureVPN provides power-packed features in affordable prices and covers all areas including security, anonymity, freedom and so on.

Ratings for Security Features 75 %
Ratings for Additional Features 70 %
Ratings for Log Policy 70 %
Rating for Pricing & Packages 65 %
Ratings for OS Compatibility 65 %
Rating for Supported Devices 72 %
Rating for Supported Protocols 75 %
Rating for IP Types 75 %
Rating for VPN Apps 65 %
Rating for Customer Support 75 %

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