The recent avalanche of leaks from Washington may actually be a double-edge sword, experts have warned.

According to several cyber security experts who have been following the recent developments, the manner in which some disgruntled or mischievous White House employees are leaking secrets to the media may end up destroying the democratic principles upon which the country is built.

In the recent past, the media has been awash with stories of instances in the White House in which officials have openly differed over policy matters and other anecdotes that have been steadily making it to the mainstream media on a daily basis.

The recent leaks have been facilitated by the use of a special Instant Messaging App called Confide.

Confide uses very strong end-to-end encryption protocols to keep the conversations of users secret. The app also has special features that automatically delete messages that users send and receive.

Due to its strong security features, the app is widely used in business circles to facilitate secure communication among business executives.

However, it has been observed that the continued use of the app by disgruntled federal government officials in Washington may end up destroying the democratic principles of the country.

According to Robert Vladek, a cyber security researcher at the Georgetown University, these new incidents may end up working against the common good of the society if they are not checked as early as this.

‘Officials working at the White House are required to comply with specific laws and regulations that were developed to ensure that official records are factual and maintained well,’ he pointed out.

He added that it is likely that the manner in which the officials are using Confide to leak White House secrets may in the future be used to hide or alter official versions of events.

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