Researchers at Sudo Security say that more than 70 apps that are available on Apple’s app store are vulnerable to Man-in-the-Middle Attacks.

According to a recently published report, the researchers point out that the apps are vulnerable because they use relatively weak security configurations. Security configurations are important features of any app. Hackers can find it easy to access the personal details of a person if the person is using an app that has relatively loose security configurations.

It is not clear how the apps found their way into the Apple app store while having the weak configurations, however, the Sudo researchers point out that the situation is severe, given the level of risk that users who download and use the apps face.

It has been pointed out that users face various threats when they use the apps, the most important one being the manner in which third parties can successfully eavesdrop on the conversations of the users.

Also, hackers can take advantage of the weak security configurations of the apps to secretly watch what people are doing when they are communicating with websites. Thus, hackers can steal personal information of users by taking advantage of the weak security configurations of these apps.

How to protect yourself from Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

You can protect yourself from these or attacks by using a good VPN service every time you get online or when you are downloading any app from iOS or any other app store. is one of the most secure and reliable VPN services that you can use to not only stay anonymous when you are online but also to protect your online privacy. automatically scans all apps for possible vulnerabilities. Besides, all the time you use the service; you are protected from common forms of attacks.

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