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About the Company

SaferVPN is sleek and easy-to-comprehend VPN service with good connection speed. The VPN service was found in 2013, and is based in Israel. The service, however, is strongly tied to the US. It has a fairly big VPN network spread in different countries offering fast and strong servers to the users. The VPN provides a very user-friendly, censorship-free web. Customer data security and free trial are also commendable.


We will test SaferVPN service with each and every feature that it offers on various servers through all the protocols to figure out how good the service actually is and for whom it’s ideal.

Global Existence

The VPN service has 100 servers installed in 24 different locations. Some of the countries that have SaferVPN servers include East Asia, South America, Australia, Europe and North America. 100 servers are adequate for most users with basic requirements related to security, anonymity and unblocking of content. We tested out a number of servers and were able to stream media without any trouble or lags. However, we weren’t able to use P2P clients or play online games on most of the servers we connected to.

Pricing Plan

SaferVPN offers 3 pricing plans. The main difference between the 3 packages is the number of multi-logins and the price. Here are the details of each package:

  • Single – $5.99/month – Unlimited Bandwidth, Dedicated Ultra-Fast Servers, 1 Connection
  • Multiple – $10.99/month – Unlimited Bandwidth, Dedicated Ultra-Fast Servers, 3 Connections (Multi-Logins)
  • Small Business – $22.49 – Unlimited Bandwidth, Dedicated Ultra-Fast Servers, 7 Connections (Multi-Logins)

Free Trial: Fortunately, SaferVPN offers a no-strings-attached 24 hours free trial. This will let you try out the service yourself before making the purchase.

The prices are very fair and the packages are easy to understand. You can easily pick a package as all you have to determine is on how many devices you would want to use the VPN.

Payment Methods

One of the best things about SaferVPN is that it accepts payments from all the major modes including credit cards, PayPal and a number of web-based payment services such as WebMoney and Alipay. SaferVPN also accepts payments through the most preferred modes of the current times; Bitcoin.


Protocol Support & Encryption

When it comes to the protocol support and encryption, SaferVPN again gains some good points because it offers three of the most commonly preferred protocols i.e. PPTP, L2TP over IPSec and OpenVPN. The PPTP gives 128-bit encryption while the L2TP and OpenVPN protocols provide 256-bit encryption.  We don’t see any online threats attacking SaferVPN users thanks to the amazing protocols and encryption.


SaferVPN not only supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms but also has clients for each of them. We are about to take a look at the most used clients to determine where they stand.

The Windows VPN client

It is certainly difficult for a VPN provider to develop a client that not only gives usability and stability to the users and SaferVPN has managed to have that balance. The client for windows is pleasant and easy to use. The countries are selected in bold list at the left and can quickly be added to the ‘favorites’ by clicking on the star icon. This later on helps with finding the most used countries with ease. On the right, it is the main area where you’ll see a large connect/disconnect button which changes color when connected, or disconnected. Here you also see your current IP and other essential information. The connections we established via a number of servers on the Windows client were stable and didn’t bring up any notable issues.

Android app

Similar to the Windows software, the Android App is also appealing and easy-to-comprehend. However, it has lesser configuration options and info. What’s bad is that there is no way to manually choose a protocol. You cannot even figure out which protocol is used for the currently established connection.

Also, the streaming speed on Android app is slower for some reason. However, it is not the worst speed drop that we have ever experienced. On SafterVPN we witnessed a drop at 6Mbps from a 30Mbps connection while there are a few other services that bring the speed down to 3Mbps.

P2P support

SaferVPN website nowhere mentions that it supports P2P filesharing. However, we wanted to confirm it so we contacted the support and got the answer as “P2P is ok on SaferVPN”. Since the answer was unclear we decided to test P2P on the VPN connection and connected to a number of servers and tried to upload/download data. Unfortunately, the results were negative as none of the servers allowed us to use P2P. Thus SaferVPN is not for the P2P fans.

Multi Logins

SaferVPN offers different number of multi-logins to users of different packages but the maximum number of simultaneous connections is 7. SaferVPN is one of the few VPN providers in the industry that offer this many multi-logins.


Money Back Guarantee: SaferVPN offers a 15 days money back guarantee, which can be utilized to get the refund in case of not finding the service satisfactory. Furthermore, you can earn up to a whole year of SaferVPN service by referring your friends to the service! We found this very amusing.

Logs policy: The logs policy is very clear and specific on most things. It is clearly mentioned on the SaferVPN website that they only keep basic connection logs, which include IP addresses, VPN servers, number of times VPN connection is made and bandwidth usage.

Customer Support

Now we have headed towards the worst part of SaferVPN; its customer support. Oh, where do we start about the SaferVPN’s customer support? Right from when we click on the Live Chat widget we saw something was off about the Support. It was the name and display photo of the support executive. The photo was definitely of a model (stock photo) and the name was fake as well. Meanwhile one of our team members opened another chat window and saw a similarly fake photo and name.

We then asked the support a few questions and waited to see how the questions are answered. Exactly how we had expected, the responses were incomplete, irrelevant and were definitely ‘canned messages’. The support executive took the lameness to the next level by saying: “If you have any other questions, you may write to us on our e-mail address.” and abruptly closed the chat! So the customer support is one of the worst things about SaferVPN. The FAQs and Setup guides, though, are adequately helpful.

Innovative Features or Special Add-ons

Unfortunately, SaferVPN doesn’t offer any special Add-Ons or innovative features. The VPN provider sticks to the basic features and doesn’t offer the following, which many other providers give to the users:

Dedicated IPs – No

Internet Kill Switch – No

Streaming BoosterNo

Online Gaming Support No

NAT Firewall – No

Web Protection No

Anti Malware Protection No

Encrypted Email No

Stealth Browser No

DDoS Attack ProtectionNo


  • Excellent speed and connection stability
  • Clean, easy-to-use client
  • No unnecessary user data collection
  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • Setup guides for wide range of devices and operating systems


  • Lack of special features/add-ons
  • Absolutely terrible customer support
  • No P2P support


SaferVPN could go big by making extra efforts in their customer support area and by introducing more features to the services. Right now the VPN service is basic and doesn’t offer value to advance users. It, however, fulfils the basic requirements of unblocking, security and anonymity. The no-logs policy, money back guarantee and free trials are great but these three things are not going to hold the entire burden on their shoulders.

Ratings for Security Features 20 %
Ratings for Additional Features 45 %
Ratings for Log Policy 80 %
Rating for Pricing & Packages 80 %
Ratings for OS Compatibility 65 %
Rating for Supported Devices 70 %
Rating for Supported Protocols 55 %
Rating for IP Types 45 %
Rating for VPN Apps 40 %
Rating for Customer Support 67 %

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