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About the Company

TunnelBear is a VPN service that was launched in 2011. They are based in Toronto, Canada, and their availability spans the entire globe, except China on certain occasions. TunnelBear is quite a simple and effective VPN service, as the founders had the vision to create an easy to use VPN service that helps everyone browse the internet privately without changing any aspect of the internet.

Basic Information About TunnelBear

Here’s the basic information about TunnelBear which you should before signing up for their services. We tried our best to get the most accurate information from their website and contact center.

Do they operate on their own datacentre colocation or rented servers?

TunnelBear VPN operates on its own datacentre colocation. It does not work with rented servers.

How many dedicated and virtual servers they have? Do they have gigabit servers?

Speaking about the number of servers they have, they say they have hundreds of high-speed servers, both dedicated and virtual, all over the world. Since they are constantly adding more servers under their name, they say it is difficult to give a figure as to the exact number of servers TunnelBear VPN has. However, their customer support says the number is well above one hundred.

For how long do they keep logs in UK, USA, Canada or Australia?

TunnelBear does not keep logs for the internet activity of its customers.

Can users use the service in China without any restriction?

Where many VPNs do not work very well in China, TunnelBear VPN gives promising results. Although the performance might vary according to the ISP you choose there, TunnelBear are looking to make things better with their GhostBear feature that looks to enhance the stability of connections in countries like China where there is heavy internet censorship. Currently, GhostBear is available only for Android and iOS users, although more platforms will soon be incorporated.

Do they have warrant canary, if in USA?

Warrant canary is a sort of disclosure statement that says that the service offered has not received any legal orders to withhold information about receiving such an order. It basically means that the service has not received any sort of order that it has to deny receiving in order to maintain the secrecy of the order. In this case, it may mean that a VPN might be legally asked to keep logs of people’s internet activity but not disclose the fact to them. Having a warrant canary means no such order has been given to a VPN. TunnelBear has a warrant canary in the US.

Let’s move on to our detailed analysis of TunnelBear VPN.

Additional Security Features Offered by TunnelBear VPN

Some VPN providers do offer additional security features to ensure total security of user’s online data. We have categorized these additional feature and analyze thoroughly if TunnelBear is offering all or some of them. See it for yourself.

Is IPv6 supported or blocked?

IPv6 is the modern internet protocol that has better security, device mobility and configuration aspects than the existing IPv4 protocol. IPv6 is supported by TunnelBear.

 Do they offer DNS leak protection?

DNS leak is a serious anonymity issue for VPN users. Sometimes, your operating system might inherently use the default DNS servers instead of anonymous servers when you are connected to a VPN. This means that DNS information about your connection is visible, while you think that you are safely browsing the net anonymously. TunnelBear VPN provides protection against DNS leak, making you 100% anonymous.

Do they offer protection against DDoS attacks?

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks happen when a server is flooded with fraudulent client requests by a system of botnets that has been created by attackers. DDoS attacks may target huge networks over different areas of the world, resulting in users failing to connect to a service. TunnelBear VPN provides protection against DDoS attacks so you are always connected.

Do they offer Malware protection?

Malware is any code that has malicious intentions and causes problem in your system. Sadly, TunnelBear VPN does not offer malware protection.

Do they offer IP leak protection?

Some VPNs are vulnerable to an IP leak, that is they may be manipulated into revealing the IP address and thereby the location of the user who is connected to them. A few lines of code can get the job done, which is a dangerous scenario for VPN users. TunnelBear VPN offers protections against IP leaks.

Do they offer dedicated streaming add-ons?

TunnelBear’s customer support said they cannot provide direct support or instructions to access specific content. Some websites do not allow VPN customers to use them, and TunnelBear cannot offer a way around that.

Do they offer port forwarding?

Port forwarding is used to allow remote computers to connect to a particular service or a particular computer in a private LAN. TunnelBear VPN does not offer port forwarding

Do they secure from DNS hijacking?

DNS hijacking is a method used by hackers to redirect your DNS queries to a rogue DNS server that acts differently from a traditional DNS server. TunnelBear provides security against DNS hijacking.

Basic VPN Features Offered by TunnelBear

We have gathered all the information related to TunnelBear basic VPN features. Here’re the details:

Do they have their own DNS servers or third party servers?

TunnelBear has its own DNS servers. Having a third party server would require proper synchronisation with the third party server which could result in performance trade off.

Do they offer Proxy/Socks servers?

Proxy servers are used to unblock specific websites by connecting you to them using a remote computer. Many VPNs provide a list of their own proxy servers. TunnelBear does not have this feature.

Do they support VoIP services?

VoIP services are those that relate to multimedia sessions and video communication over the internet. The most common example is Skype. TunnelBear VPN supports VoIP services.

Do they offer virtual remote access assistance?

This can be used to access a computer or a network from a remote location. TunnelBear does not provide this feature

Do they support P2P file sharing and download?

P2P sharing and download relates to services like torrents, where users can download content from such networks. TunnelBear does not support P2P file sharing and download.

Do they have dedicated VPN servers for online gaming?

Dedicated servers for online gaming result in better connection speeds for online gamers and less connection drops. Both of these are essential in online gaming. TunnelBear does not have dedicated VPN servers for the same.

Now, let’s have a look at more detailed analysis of TunnelBear features and offerings.

Global VPN Network

TunnelBear VPN has a good global coverage. With hundreds of high-speed servers in over 13 countries, it provides its users ample of connection options from around the world. They currently have servers in USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Italy, Sweden, Spain, France, and a few more countries. They have a lot of physical servers in all of these countries and some virtual servers as well.

Pricing plans

TunnelBear offers three different plans:

  1. A Little TunnelBear – This is a free plan but comes with a usage limit of 500 MB per month. You can have free addition of 1GB data by promoting TunnelBear VPN on your twitter account every month
  2. Giant TunnelBear – This offers unlimited data usage on up to 5 devices and is priced at $6.99 per month
  3. Grizzly TunnelBear – This is similar to the Giant package, only that you can save up to 41% by subscribing for an entire year at $49.99, which amounts to $4.16 per month.

Payment Methods

TunnelBear accepts payments from a wide range of methods. You can pay via PayPal, credit cards, or can even pay anonymously via Bitcoin.

Log Policy

TunnelBear is based in Canada, and requires users to allow it to collect personal information about them under Canadian law, wherever they might be located. Although it stores personal information like first name, email id, OS version of your device and they claim to store this information only uses them to make your experience of using TunnelBear VPN better. No logs about your internet usage and activity are kept, which means that you browse the internet anonymously. Having presence in Canada makeTunnelBear VPN a less trustworthy, when it comes to logging users activities. But, since they claim they don’t and yet there’s no such case of privacy breach, we can trust them.

VPN Apps

TunnelBear provides dedicated apps for Android 4.01 and later versions and iOS 7 and later versions. You can download the apps and use TunnelBear on your Android or Apple device without a problem.

Customer Support

TunnelBear does not have the feature of 24X7 online chat support for customer queries. It does have a ticket system that works satisfactorily. We received a detailed reply about some basic queries in around 36 hours. The FAQ section and the online Blog also provides insight into some common issues faced by customers, which is a good help as well.

Extra Features

TunnelBear offers an entire free package to its users. They can use the VPN for free, but with a data limit of 500MB, so there is no need for a limited free trial. There is no refund policy offered by TunnelBear.

Ratings for Security Features 45 %
Ratings for Additional Features 58 %
Ratings for Log Policy 80 %
Rating for Pricing & Packages 80 %
Ratings for OS Compatibility 60 %
Rating for Supported Devices 65 %
Rating for Supported Protocols 45 %
Rating for IP Types 40 %
Rating for VPN Apps 45 %
Rating for Customer Support 55 %

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