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About the Company

VPNArea is a fairly new provider in the VPN industry. It is based in Bulgaria (it however keeps its data in Switzerland as well) and offers no-logs service, which is why people are already giving good reviews about the VPN. The service is feature-packed and offers windows and Mac clients that are easy to set up and manual configuration can also be done on other devices.


As we mentioned above, VPNArea offers a number of features to the users, here are the details of each feature in VPN Area review.

Global Existence

VPNArea has 190+ servers in its VPN network. The servers are installed in 51+ countries and provide impressive speeds on users’ devices for various purposes. A lot of expats prefer VPNs with such big coverage and this is what gives VPNArea some solid points to compete with other providers. However, it should be kept in mind that 51 countries are still not even close to what top VPN providers offer. Some of the providers in the industry have services in 100+ countries so VPNArea is going to need time to get there.

Pricing Plan

VPNArea calls its monthly package a ‘one size fits all’ service, which costs $9.90/month.  No matter how many features this VPN provider offers with this monthly package, we still consider it a way too expensive plan. However, upon buying a yearly plan, the price will go down to a reasonable one; $4.91/month. There is also a 6 months package available for $50.00, which is $8.33/month. But it’s not very cost-friendly.

You get unlimited access to all the servers which are placed in 51+ countries including South America, Turkey, New Zealand, Egypt, India, Australia, Kyrgyzstan, South Africa and many more. The VPN offers OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP protocols but the most recommended VPN is OpenVPN as it provides both the strong security and speed.

There is no free trial offer as of yet but the VPN comes with a money back guarantee so that users can test out the services before making up their mind about continuing with the service. VPNArea users are protected from one of the most recent threats known as DNS leakage and WebRTC leakage.

Payment Methods

If you don’t use multiple modes of payments, you might not be very happy with VPNArea as it only accepts payments through PayPal, Payza and Credit Card. It is mentioned on the VPNArea website that Bitcoin and 2CO will be added to the supported payment modes soon. So by the time you read this review they might have already added the modes.


Protocol Support & Encryption

On the technical side, VPNArea is pretty strong as it gives you 256-bit encryption which would make it almost impossible for a hacker to decrypt your data. The OpenVPN protocol uses secure AES with SHA256 and 2048 keys.


VPNArea is using Viscosity to power up its Mac VPN client and Chameleon to power up the Windows client. LiquidVPN (a famous and successful VPN) is also using Viscosity, which ensures us that the technology VPNArea is using is tried and tested, and can surely be trusted.

The Windows Client

Chameleon is VPNArea’s self-developed Windows client. It supports some very unique features and the best part is that it easily gets configured and connected within a few seconds. However, one thing we think should have been there is the automatic connection to a chosen server.

Chameleon also lets you alter ports and OpenVPN protocol with complete ease.

The good thing is that there is a kill switch feature built-in with VPNArea. The bad thing is that it doesn’t fulfill its purpose. We tested the feature but were not satisfied because when our VPN connection dropped our P2P client continued downloading data. Keeping in mind that the sole purpose of a Kill Switch feature is to prevent unwanted trouble online, VPNArea fails to impress in this area.

Other platforms

The Mac client also works seamlessly. If you are interested in setting VPNArea up on a router or a gaming console, you can do so with the manual settings which are available on the official VPNArea website. However, you might not be able to find clear setup instructions for L2TP or PPTP so be ready to hit the support staff.

P2P support

VPNArea supports P2P file sharing. However, you should do it on your own risk while sharing a copyrighted material. VPNArea clearly tells that it offers its services to the P2P users only for legal downloading/uploading of content so you should keep this in mind.

Multi Logins

Here’s yet another solid feature: Multi-Logins on 5 devices! With the ability to setup VPNArea on 5 devices simultaneously, you can utilize the VPN service at its best. Plus, if you have other family members interested in using the VPN, you can set it up on their devices with the very credentials that you have got.


Money Back Guarantee: VPNArea comes with a 7 days money back guarantee. So you have 7 days to test out the services before you make up your mind to continue with VPNArea.

Logs policy: VPNArea claims that it doesn’t store any user logs. VPN providers that don’t log user activities are always praised and this is why VPNArea earns some solid points in this erea. However, keep in mind that the bandwidth usage is logged as well as the connection logs. These details are however recorded by all the no logs keeping VPN providers for the betterment of their services.

Customer Support

VPNArea gives you the following modes of support:

  • Live Chat: The best way to get your questions answered. Quick and easy.
  • FAQs Section: Should be browsed before contacting a customer representative as chances are that you will be able to find the solution you need in the FAQs.
  • Skype: We didn’t see the support staff live on a regular basis. However, it is still a great way to connect to the VPNArea technical team.
  • E-mail: This is obviously the slowest mode of support. However, e-mails are great for record keeping and remembrance of what the solutions were of particular issues.

Innovative Features or Special Add-ons

Here are the details of Add-Ons and/or Special Features offered by VPNArea:

Dedicated IPs – Yes  

VPNArea offers dedicated IPs and in very low prices. The best thing is that each IP gets its own private server so that you as a user will never share your server resources with another user.

Internet Kill Switch – Yes  

As we have mentioned above, this feature is available with VPNArea but is not too effective.

Streaming Booster – No

Online Gaming Support – No

NAT Firewall – No

Web Protection – No

Anti Malware Protection – No

Encrypted Email – No

Stealth Browser – No

DDoS Attack Protection – No


Now let’s jot down the pros of the service:

  • User-friendly no-logs policy
  • 5 Multi-Logins
  • Dedicated IPs offered
  • Great security and encryption
  • Great yearly pricing
  • Helpful Customer Support
  • Fantastic Desktop clients


There aren’t any mentionable cons but here’s the one we thought we should let you know about:

  • High priced monthly subscription
  • Bitcoin payment mode is yet to be added


All in all, VPNArea succeeds in impressing us. We would, however, like to see improvements in the Kill Switch feature and addition of innovative Add-Ons such as DDoS Protection, NAT Firewall and so on. The VPN provider already offers WebRTC Leak and DNS Leak protection, which are some of the many reasons why VPNArea is rapidly gaining customers’ trust all around the world. We confidently recommend VPNArea to you!

Ratings for Security Features 80 %
Ratings for Additional Features 75 %
Ratings for Log Policy 70 %
Rating for Pricing & Packages 75 %
Ratings for OS Compatibility 75 %
Rating for Supported Devices 65 %
Rating for Supported Protocols 60 %
Rating for IP Types 65 %
Rating for VPN Apps 80 %
Rating for Customer Support 65 %

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