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$9.95/mo 67%

About the Company

VPNSecure, or VPN.S is an Australia based service that is not very famous but offers a wide range of innovative features to enhance your online experience in every possible way. VPNSecure’s website is smart looking, the offered protocols are divers and the privacy policy is satisfactory as well. We are about to review the VPN service in detail.


Here are the details of the diverse features VPNSecure offers with a detailed analysis on each:

Global Existence

VPNSecure doesn’t have a huge server network as of now. Though the service is growing rapidly, it currently offers 47 servers in 41 countries. Inadequate amount of servers is the reason why VPN speed is a lot of times very slow on VPNSecure connection. We tested out a number of servers and unfortunately the speed was slow on many of those servers, specially the streaming speed.

Pricing Plan

There are three packages that VPNSecure offers (Apart from the 3 advanced plans offering dedicated IP, Proxy etc.): 1 Month VPN, 6 Month VPN and 12 Month VPN. All three packages offer more or less the same features but the longer the time of a package is, the smaller the package price gets. Though the VPN service is packed up with innovative features and Add-Ons, we still believe that the amounts charged are too much. The one month plan costs $9.95 while the 6 month plan costs $8.30/month and yearly account costs $7.50/month.

Free Trial is also offered so that new customers can try the service out before purchasing it. The trial lasts for 31 days and gives users access to one US server and the bandwidth limit of 2GB. However, if someone wants to try the service thoroughly, they can have a 2 day trial that will give access to all the servers, for just $2.

Apart from the basic packages, VPNSecure offers 3 more packages, targeted to provide additional features to the users including protocol, HTTP Proxy and Streaming booster. Here are the details:

PPTP One Month $7.95/month – This package gives access to all servers along with PPTP protocol support.

1 Month HTTP Proxy $4.95/month – This HTTP Proxy package also comes with all servers from 41 countries.

1 Month Smarter DNS $4.95/month – This package offers 30 DNS servers that give access to many streaming channels including Netflix, Hulu, Pandora and many more.

Payment methods

When it comes to payment methods, VPNSecure has really made sure that all the customers are able to purchase the VPN service easily and rapidly. The VPN service supports all the major payment methods including Perfect Money, PayPal, Credit Card, Cashu, Payza as well as the most preferred Bitcoin.


Protocol Support & Encryption

VPNSecure offers all the major protocols including PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and SSH Tunnel. We had no issues connecting with any of the protocols and once the connection was made we didn’t experience any issues while browsing or streaming. However, there were some servers that didn’t give us good streaming speed but upon switching them we were able to get a stable connection.


VPNSecure is supported on all the major operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. This means you can set the service up on your computer/laptop, Smartphone, Tablet PC or even a router. Plus, VPNSecure also has custom software for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android, which lets people set the service up easily and quickly.

P2P support

P2P filesharing is allowed on VPNSecure. We connected to different servers and checked the uploading and downloading speed stability and were satisfied with the P2P support. There are, however, a few servers that don’t support P2P including United States 7, United States 8, Australia 1 and Australia 2.

Multi Logins

This part is the most amazing one about VPNSecure. It offers unlimited multi-logins! As long as you are using VPNSecure on the same internet connection or the router, you can use your account credentials on as many devices as you want to become anonymous, secure and unrestricted with VPNSecure.


Among the policies set by VPNSecure, the most mentionable one is the log policy, which goes like this:

Logs policy:

VPNSecure says “NO LOGGING VPN not now, not ever.” VPNSecure takes your privacy very seriously. Apparently the VPN service doesn’t store any logs of the activities users carry out while being connected through the VPNSecure. The company says that if required they will move jurisdictions and go above and beyond for their customers.

Customer Support

There are three ways to contact VPNSecure;

  1. Live chat
  2. Contact form
  3. Support Centre (Ticket Submission)

We tested the Live Chat feature and were glad that the response was quick. We had to enter a name and e-mail address along with our initial question and hit ‘connect’. The response came within a few seconds. The answers were also to-the-point and not robotic/pre-determined. There is also a FAQs section on the VPNSecure website that provides answers to the most common questions. If a customer support officer isn’t available for the live chat and you don’t want to connect through the contact form, you can browse the FAQs for quick solutions.

Innovative Features or Special Add-ons

VPNSecure amazingly offers a wide range of innovate features and Add-Ons. Here are the details:

Dedicated IPs – Yes

You can get a dedicated IP that will only be used by you and will never be shared with another user. Will provide you ultimate security and ease for both personal and professional purposes.

Internet Kill Switch – Yes

This feature will stop all internet activity as soon as your VPN connection drops. This will ensure that you never drop your cyber guard down.

Streaming BoosterYes

VPNSecure offers ‘Global Smarter DNS TV’ that unblocks dozens of online streaming channels without slowing down the buffering speed. The Smarter DNS comes with all OpenVPN Plans, with free Global TV access, BBC, Itv, Netflix, Hulu, HBO and more.

Online Gaming Support No

NAT Firewall – Yes

This feature lets you control which ports you want to configure and who do you want to get connected to you as an external connection. This gives you complete power to decide at what level you want to be protected.

Web ProtectionNo

Anti Malware Protection No

Encrypted EmailNo

Stealth BrowserNo

DDoS Attack ProtectionYes

VPNSecure is one of the very few VPN services in the industry that offer DDoS Protection. The feature protects your online gaming sessions from getting DDoSed which could literally kill your gaming sessions.


  • Availability of SmarterDNS, NAT Firewall, DDoS Protection and Internet Kill Switch
  • P2P Supported
  • Multi-Logins
  • Amazing Customer Support
  • Absolute No-Logs Policy


  • Overpriced
  • Occasional slow Speed due to the small number of Servers
  • No Money-Back Guarantee


After the thorough analysis, we concluded that VPNSecure is a non-famous yet extremely competitive VPN service. VPNSecure is also one of the few services out there offering DDoS Protection. Innovative features like Smarter DNS and Internet Kill Switch add more value to the service. Team VPNSecure, however, must work on expanding its server network if it wants to take the top spot in the list of best VPN providers of the industry.

Ratings for Security Features 20 %
Ratings for Additional Features 30 %
Ratings for Log Policy 70 %
Rating for Pricing & Packages 75 %
Ratings for OS Compatibility 65 %
Rating for Supported Devices 70 %
Rating for Supported Protocols 56 %
Rating for IP Types 55 %
Rating for VPN Apps 60 %
Rating for Customer Support 45 %

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