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About the Company

VyprVPN, one of the top VPN services in the world, is a product of Golden Frog. The service that has been around since 1994 doesn’t outsource any aspects related to its VPN service to other companies. It owns all of the servers and hardware that it uses, which is why it is able to ensure customer satisfaction.

“Don’t let the Internet browse you.” Says VyprVPN.


VyprVPN is packed up with features that give users pretty much everything they need. Here are the details:

Global Existence

If we talk about the VPN servers network, VyprVPN has to be mentioned as one of the top names. It has 700+ servers in its network, which are deployed strategically in 50+ locations around the globe. These numbers are massive as there aren’t too many services out there that offer these many servers.

Pricing Plan

VyprVPN offers 3 main packages, excluding the free package. Names of the packages are VyprVPN Basic, VyprVPN Pro and VyprVPN Premier. Here are the details of each package:

VyprVPN Basic: $6.67/MO, BILLED ANNUALLY or $9.99/mo billed monthly, Unlimited Data Usage, 1 Connection, PPTP Protocol availability, comes with 10 GB Storage.

VyprVPN Pro: $8.33/MO, BILLED ANNUALLY or $14.99/mo billed monthly, Unlimited Data Usage, 2 Simultaneous Connections, NAT Firewall Included, PPTP, OpenVPN™ and L2TP/IPsec Protocols supported, Chameleon™ supported, comes with 25 GB Storage.

VyprVPN Premier: $10.00/MO, BILLED ANNUALLY, or $19.99/mo billed monthly, Unlimited Data Usage, 3 Simultaneous Connections, NAT Firewall Included, PPTP, OpenVPN™, L2TP/IPsec Protocols supported, Chameleon™ enabled. 50 GB  Storage is also offered.

Amazingly, the Free plan is packed up with features and offers more or less what premium packages do. Here are the details:

FREE Plan: 500 MB Monthly Data Usage, 2 Simultaneous Connections, NAT Firewall Included, PPTP, OpenVPN™ and L2TP/IPsec Protocols, Chameleon™ enabled and comes with 5 GB Storage.

The prices are definitely higher than many other top VPN services. However, keeping in mind the vast network and diverse features, our team believes that the prices of all packages are very fair. There are very few VPN services that are as feature-packed as VyprVPN so we don’t think the users should mind paying what this VPN provider deserves to earn.

Payment methods

VyprVPN falls short when it comes to offered payment methods. There are only a few methods including credit card and PayPal.  The credit card payment must be made via VISA, AmericanExpress, MasterCard and a few other options. Total number of payment modes is 7.


Protocol Support & Encryption

When it comes to protocol support and encryption, VyprVPN stands tall as a very secure and anonymous VPN service. It offers all the major protocols including PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN. VyprVPN also provides 256-bit encryption for secure data transferring and carrying out various other online activities.

VyprVPN uses a new proprietary technology that defeats VPN blocking and throttling from ISPs and/or surveillance departments. Chameleon utilizes unmodified OpenVPN 256-bit protocol. It scrambles the metadata to make sure it is unrecognizable through deep packet inspection, also known as (DPI).


VyprVPN is compatible with iOS, Android, Consoles and Routers. We configured the VPN on different devices to check how it performs and were pretty satisfied. The setup was easy for every device and once the configuration was done the service didn’t take any time in kick starting. VyprVPN also offers custom-developed software for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

The client for Windows VPN looks great as it is easy-to-navigate and operates as an overall program. Wide range of protocols are there as well as the auto connect feature. Connection settings can also be viewed easily from the task bar.

P2P support

VyprVPN allows P2P uploading and downloading through a number of servers from around the world. We tested the P2P support and were able to share files via different P2P platforms with ease.

Multi Logins

In past VyprVPN didn’t offer multi-logins but now it does. You can use VyprVPN on up to 3 different kinds of devices simultaneously. All you need to do is to set up the VPN on all your devices using a single account credentials.


Here are the most mentionable policies of VyprVPN:

Money Back Guarantee: VyprVPN’s website mentions that the service comes with a 3 days money back guarantee. However, a 3 day guarantee according to us is pretty much useless. It is impossible to test a service in this short amount of time as nobody is free 24/7 to spend all of their time trying and testing a VPN service. Apart from that we also found a number of users complaining that when they tried getting the refund they were asked too many questions, making them give up on the refund.

Logs policy: VyprVPN clearly says that they do not keep logs. We tried to find any negative comments about their statement but were amused that people are pretty happy with VyprVPN’s logs policy.

Customer Support

There are two ways to get help when stuck: through Help Center and Live Chat. The Help Center has three sections under which various solutions are provided: VyprVPN, Dump Truck and CYPHR. The Help Center is very helpful and so is the Live Chat Support Executives. However, the answers during live chat are mostly ‘cut, paste’ responses, which at times irritate the customers.

Innovative Features or Special Add-ons

There are a number of special Add-Ons and features that make VyprVPN a top VPN service. Here are the details:

Dedicated IPs – No

Internet Kill Switch – Yes

VyprVPN’s Internet Kill Switch feature kills the internet activities as soon as the VPN connection drops. This saves you from hack attackss, malware and various other online threats.

Streaming BoosterYes

VyprVPN offers VyprDNS Add-On that unblocks hundreds of geo-restricted streaming channels while keeping the videos buffer-free.

Online Gaming Support – Yes

VyprVPN offer online gaming support, which brings down ping and eliminates lag while unblocking game servers from around the world.

NAT Firewall – Yes

NAT Firewall by VyprVPN is an additional layer of security for your internet connection. Nat Firewall blocks unrequested inbound traffic without the requirement of any additional configuration or software installation.

Web ProtectionNo

Anti Malware Protection – No

Encrypted EmailNo

Stealth BrowserNo

DDoS Attack ProtectionNo

Dedicated Online StorageYes

This is a unique feature that only VyprVPN offers at the moment. Dump Truck is a cloud storage service that gives VyprVPN users a secure 5GB cloud storage space for data storage.


  • VyprVPN owns all of its servers
  • Has a huge network consisting of 700+ servers
  • Offers SmartDNS,P2P and gaming support
  • Doesn’t keep logs
  • Chameleon™ technology defeats VPN blocking and speed throttling


  • Money back guarantee is as good as none.
  • Robotic responses from support team.
  • Bitcoin is not included in the supported payment modes.


All in all, VyprVPN is a strong VPN service and definitely worth trying. It has a huge VPN network, offers SmartDNS to stream media on blocked websites, gaming support to have hours of online playing sessions and a few more very useful features that make it a top VPN service. Last but not least, we like how they don’t keep user activity logs because there are a very few VPN services that claim of not keeping logs and keep their promise. We, however, would like to see VyprVPN adding Bitcoin to their supported payment methods very soon in the future because it would make a great difference for the customers.

Ratings for Security Features 35 %
Ratings for Additional Features 70 %
Ratings for Log Policy 33 %
Rating for Pricing & Packages 80 %
Ratings for OS Compatibility 85 %
Rating for Supported Devices 85 %
Rating for Supported Protocols 75 %
Rating for IP Types 60 %
Rating for VPN Apps 89 %
Rating for Customer Support 56 %

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